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Aliina as The Duchess

  Aliina as  The Duchess ©Pathé Productions Ltd/John Moore 2009

Many thanks to Pathé Productions Limited for their kind permission:

... Pathé Productions Limited is the copyright holder for 'The Duchess' and the images related thereto (including the poster which you have used as the basis of the photograph of your colleague).

As the manipulation of the poster images is done as your hobby for a non-profit basis I am happy to confirm that we do not have a problem with the picture you have created....

. From the Posters and movie scenes Series .
  as  Sean Connery in Zardoz (32 kbytes) - Click to enlarge  
as Sean Connery in Zardoz

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Cath as  Galadriel (40 kbytes) - Click to enlarge  
Cath as Galadriel

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Letter to the Editor of Gloucestershire Echo regarding an article they published concerning the above image (delivered by hand)

The Editor
Gloucestershire Echo

Wednesday 8th July 2009

Dear Editor,

I am writing to complain about the words attributed to me in the article regarding my making of an image based on ‘The Duchess’ published today in the Gloucestershire Echo.

As I do not receive any money whatsoever whilst I am between contracts I get closer and closer to bankruptcy every day. Significantly misquoting me does not help me retain my home.

I particularly object to the words attributed to me regarding copyright. I did not say those words and they are very misleading. I made my position very clear on the matter in a copy I lent {the journalist} in confidence of an email that I sent to GE Aviation on 9th April 2009. I also lent {the journalist} a copy of an email I received from the copyright owners of ‘The Duchess’ movie – Pathé Productions. In that email a senior executive kindly gave permission for my use of that particular image. It was not a general statement on copyright. Further it was clear that GE Aviation had not bothered contacting Pathé – they acted on a speculative basis. An act that may well bankrupt me.

I would have thought that my comments regarding the police and harassment were also an important part of the issue.
John Moore
{contact details supplied}

The Duchess Movie

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